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Revenue boosting retainers designed to improve conversion, AOV and purchase frequency.

1. Select your plan


Best for brands with a limited and specific scope.

2. Choose the duration

30 hours a month for 3 months


+VAT p/m

30 hours a month for 6 months


Save 10%


+VAT p/m

30 hours a month for 12 months


Save 15%


+VAT p/m

Best for SME brands with aspirational growth targets.

2. Choose the duration

50 hours a month for 3 months


+VAT p/m

50 hours a month for 6 months


Save 10%


+VAT p/m

50 hours a month for 12 months


Save 15%


+VAT p/m

Best for large scale brands who need a dedicated team.

2. Choose the duration

75 hours a month for 3 months


+VAT p/m

75 hours a month for 6 months


Save 10%


+VAT p/m

75 hours a month for 12 months


Save 15%


+VAT p/m

Ready to GROW      
What's included in GROW retainers?

Monthly Benchmarking

Landing Pages

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Customer Value Optimisation

Email & SMS


Dedicated Slack Channel

Weekly Check-ins

Monthly Reviews

Who is GROW for?

Our GROW plans are suitable for brands of all sizes from new-to-market, to multi-market giants. We optimise your site for discovery and conversion, whilst creating retention systems to fuel life-time value.

Need a completely new store?

Start things with a slick new storefront and get 50% off your first month of GROW.

Here's what to expect

1. Select a plan

Large GROW icon indicator

Book a discovery call to discuss your support requirements.

2. Assessment

Large GROW icon indicator

Receive unparalleled store and benchmark insights every month.

3. Growth Roadmap

Large GROW icon indicator

Your assessment informs which growth metrics require attention.

4. Prioritisation

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Tasks are created and prioritised based upon business impact.

5. Measure + Ideate

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Results are measured against KPIs and used to fuel further ideation.

Ecommerce Assessments

Everything begins with data

Get access to private-equity grade assessments which provide an unparalleled view of your Shopify and Marketing performance:

75 page health report

Immediately actionable recommendations

Benchmark your metrics against your category

Book a call
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A vintage Ranger Rover packed with Antler luggage

Antler Luggage

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"We needed our site to reflect a rebrand, but didn't have time to build a new theme. Pacer proposed a bridging solution to update our existing site, while improving performance by tidying up years of technical debt. They hit it out of the park."

Michael from Antler Luggage, Head of Ecommerce


Mobile Performance


Desktop Performance


Overall LCP Boost
UX Work: Woman's hands drawing a wireframeby Kelly Sikkema

Bespoke Landing Pages to boost conversion

Create high-converting landing pages that deliver consistent results on average:

31% increase in conversion rate

15% increase in Average Order Value

25% decrease in acquisition costs

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Scalable and Repeatable Growth

Our clients typically experience 2-3x growth organic revenue with our focus on CRO, AOV and Repeat Purchase:

117% boost in CVR

47% increase in revenue from automated flows

79% increase in repeat purchase rate

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We partner with industry-leading tech to extend store functionality and elevate customer experience.

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